When Harry Goldstein first came to America, he obtained a position as a watchmaker at a local, family-owned business in Waterbury, CT – a city renowned the world over as a watch and clock-making center.

After years of employment, Harry decided that it was time to stake his claim in the American dream. In 1907, Harry opened Ideal Jewelers. In the early 1920s, Harry’s son Louis joined the company and in the 1930s, Ideal Jewelers became a corporation. Louis Goldstein expanded the lines to include more gemstones and more jewelry.

In the 1940s, Louis Goldstein’s four children joined the business. William (Bill) – the youngest of the children and a decorated World War II veteran – joined the business after returning from his tour of duty in Europe. Bill continued to expand the business for the next four decades. Bill’s son, Andrew, joined the business in the late 1980s.

Andrew Goldstein is the current president of Ideal Jewelers and the managing director of IJ International Diamond Brokerage with offices in New York, Connecticut, Boca Raton, and Rue de la Paix, Paris.

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